Roto Fabric

The Roto Fabrics we deal in are shrinkage free textiles. They boast of color fastness and tear resistant finish. The said fabrics have accessibility in the exclusive patterns and are accessible with good finish and high utility.

Polyester Cotton Fabric

The Polyester Cotton Fabric is extensively utilized in consumer clothing industry. It is demanded at retail outlets and is suited to make shirts as well as blouses. This is useful to make pants, tops and other outfits.

Cotton Petticoat Fabric

The Cotton Petticoat Fabrics are made of the most basic cotton, suited for almost all petticoats. They are 100% cotton in their make and have accessibility in a variety of thicknesses.

Polyester Synthetic Fabric

The Polyester Synthetic Fabrics are proffered with many advantages and are considered finer than over natural fibers. They are resistant to wind and water. These fabrics can wick away perspiration and thus are good for making sportswear.

Micro Polyester Fabric

The Micro Polyester Fabrics are widely suited for the garment industry. These are proffered with high water repellency. They are porous enough to be used in variety of surroundings.

Roto Fabrics

The Cotton Micro Polyester Fabrics are suited for making a wide range of finished fabrics. They are needed to make weighted blankets and plush or silky coverings. Their tear resistance and color fastness make them utile enough for the garment sector.

Bag Fabric

The Bag Fabric are used to make reusable and environmentally friendly bags. It is a recyclable and 100% bio-degradable fabric. This is cost effective and inexpensive. It is a finer substitute to plastic as well as paper bags.

Poplin Petticoat

The Poplin Petticoat provides a lightweight feel. This is a durable petticoat of lightweight cotton. It is different from the quilting cotton. It has a lighter heft and tight weave. This is not prone to creasing and wrinkles.

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