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Translating your garment making and bag making dreams into reality with our line of soft & lustrous Fabrics.

About Us

Choose Hinglaj Texofine every time you are looking for a curated line of fabrics from a specialized manufacturing firm. As a manufacturer and true fabric lovers ourselves, we work extremely hard to offer wholesome fabric buying experience to our buyers around the Indian market. Our exceptional products are crafted by experienced, creative and passionate professionals who know how to meet needs of a fast-fashion society where quality craftsmanship is seldom overlooked or undervalued. These professionals who are enthusiastic as they are knowledgeable use their expertise to offer bespoke blends of Rayon Fabric, Roto Fabric, Roto Micro Fabric, Micro Polyester Fabric, Bag Fabric, etc., so that we grow organically in our field, year on year, enjoying a 100% client satisfaction rate. It is their assistance that helps us provide ranges of exclusive fabrics and back each order we undertake with a high level of service beyond customer expectations. We can also offer customized Fabrics for making apparels and bags at competitive rates.

Our Team

The vision of our team to collectively produce the finest of Polyester Cotton Fabric and Roto Fabric have allowed us to diversify, grow, and take galloping strides in business every year without any halt.

Why Choose Us?

Assuring quality and low prices in a variety of Fabric is our forte. Our fresh designs, alluring prints and low prices are reasons why our collection has touched hearts of many, nationwide. Lovers of art & craft, sewing enthusiasts and empowered business owners are clients we can serve with excellence because of the following:

  • We manage raw material procurement experts having strict instructions to source only yarns and dyes of high quality for fabric manufacture.
  • We provide an engaging atmosphere to our team where experts can work creatively, effortlessly and showcase the best of their talent.
  • We not only provide the most exclusive range of Fabrics to choose from but also have adequate resources to arrange for their fast delivery.
  • Ever-changing and evolving market demands do not daunt our workers but inspire them to put forth their best foot while taking and completing orders.

Our Excellence

Focusing on different colours, patterns, designs and the overall quality, we perform our jobs with sheer excellence, offering an exclusive range of Roto Fabric and Polyester Cotton Fabric therefore, serving to the diverse needs of our customers. We handpick people in our team who are inspired to spark their talent and imagination so that they can transform their skills to beautiful products that best meet clients needs.

Our Manufacturing

Our head quarter is situated at Balotra, Rajasthan, which incorporates our manufacturing set up where we follow eco-friendly production processes for manufacturing our range of Fabrics. Supported with superior level of technology, we have installed knitting, dyeing, and cutting machines where our experts can work easily blending the latest natural as well as synthetic technologies related to fabric making. The goal with which we have erected our manufacturing set up is to always perform innovatively & passionately, think outside the square,  and excite the Indian fabric industry with our awe inspiring products. 

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  • 2012

    Year of Establishment

  • Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler

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  • 10

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Why Choose Us ?
Our Team

Our Team

Our team of expert craftsmen and artisans is competent enough to make Fabrics in both small and large batches in various weights and finishes. While designing the range, our team working across our highly operational units ensures international standards are met, especially in key areas of quality control and environmental impact.
Our Excellence

Our Excellence

In 2016, we launched Hinglaj Texofine to provide easy, specialized and intimate support to Fabric buyers around India. Keeping sharp focus on patterns, colours and the overall quality, we work with sheer excellence, offering exclusive Polyester Cotton Fabric and Roto Fabric, therefore, catering to the diverse needs of our buyers.
Our Manufacturing

Our Manufacturing

We continuously expand and upgrade our mills for ensuring excellent fibre performance and produce quality textiles. Our head office is in Balotra, Rajasthan, which adjoins our manufacturing set up where we adopt environmentally conscious processes for making our selection of Fabrics. Embracing superior level of technology,
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